Report of the Third Expedition of the Taiga Project


Our third Tajga Project Expedition was realized between 16th and 18th February 2007. The departure from Dobris was at 2:30 p.m.

We changed the train in Prague aiming to the village Vlkaneč in the Elbe region. From there we had to move to another village Zbýšov where the accommodation had been booked before in a cottage.

Next Saturday we had a difficult trip. Unfortunately, only then we found that white deers in the Žleby castle park were removed. But we could admire the beauties of the Czech Chalk Plateau and its unbelievable flat profile. Returning at night we could observe all important constellations of our winter sky.

On Sunday we made an excursion to local unconserved floodplain forests. Although the terrain was difficult thanks to the last month`s wind calamity we saw the wonderful meandering brooks in the protected reservation Chlum. On our way back we were watching forest animals in the little preserve park of Zbýšov.

Fulfilled programme:

description of fauna and flora in surroundings

visit to the castle Žleby and its park

watching mouflons, fallow deers, red deers and wild boars

visiting nature trail Tisá Rock and climbing the rock itself

exploration the floodplain forest and the natural reservation Chlum

geological exploration of the guarry of Přibyslavice granite in Tisá

collecting Czech garnet ?" almandine ?" in the Podmoky region

List of the participants of the expedition:

Students: Barbora Fiřtová, Lucie Chovancová,

Adéla Vodáková, Simona Zálohová,

Lucie Nitkulincová, Ondřej Mastilák,

Hana Hošková, Veronika Švagrová,

Petr Oplíštil

Pedagogical escort: Mgr. Vladimír Škarvarda

Kamil Korejs

David Ričl, lepidopterologist and photographer

Mgr. Ondřej Bílý

In the end I want to thank all the participants as they went in their free time. At the same time it is necessary to thank our traditionally excellent cook Mr. Škarvada and all the guitar players.

Ondřej Bílý


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