The Report about the Expedition in the Frame of the New Project „Tajga“

28.2.2007The task of the project is to maps all types of forest ecosystems in the Czech Republic. Our first expedition was realized from 28th to 31st December 2006. Fifteen students originally aplied for it, but some of them fell ill and could not go with us. Several students from the Pedagogical Faculty prom Charles University helped us.

All the event was planned for the Christmas vacations time, the organization was excellent and the behaviour of all the parcipants very reable. We left Prague in the afternoon and moved, using our private cars, to the town of Kaznějov near Pilsen. We were expected there by the biologist Mr. Kamil Korejs who lent us his cottage au asylum.

The very next day we began with our programme. It si necessary to say the weather was extremely mild although it was December.


Programme:      a) monitoring the valley of the river Střela

                        b) description of the fauna and flora in the surroundings

                        c) visit of the largest kaolin quarry im the Czech Republic

                        d) visit to the natural reservation Zábělá at Pilsen

                        e) the tour of the castle Rabštejn and its surroundings

                        f) the tour of the monastery Plasy and its surroundings

                        g) photographing the forest associations in the region


The tour of the Střela valley was very hard. The valley itself is biologically unique. It is of proterozoic age, since then it has not been biologically changed nor influenced by any folding or volcanic activity. That is why it has been proclaimed one of the protected areas in our country.

During our expedition we visited a lot of biologically important places and gradually we were fulfilling our aim ?" to describe the types of forest ecosystems in this region and to know further beautiful spots in our country which are hidden to lots of people.


The list of participants:

Our students:                                                                     Pedagogical attendance:

                 Nitkulincová Lucie                                                              Mgr.Melicharová Jana

                 Švagrová Veronika                                                            Korejs Kamil

                 Hrubá Martina                                                                   Springerová Pavla

                 Vodáková Adéla                                                                Deutschová Olga

                 Hošková Hana                                                                   Mgr.Škarvada Vladimír

                 Masopust Václav                                                               Hovorka Jan                

                 Petr Oplíštil                                                                       Ing.Sprenger Milan


Finally I want to thank all the participants for their reliability and enthusiasm. At the same time I would like to thank parents for their confidence.





                                                                                                                             Ondřej Bílý


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